Sample Demand Letter

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Tanisha Recruitment
CB-211/6, Puran Kachukhet Bazar (3rd Floor),
Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka-1206

Dear Sir,
Subject: Demand Letter

We have obtained the relevant approval to recruit foreign workers from Bangladesh and hereby authorized and appoint your company as our lawful representative to manage and recruit these workers under the following terms and conditions:

1. Type of workers : Production Operator (Semi-skilled)
2. No. of workers required : 100 (One Hundred) Male
3. Period of Contract : Minimum 3 (three) years; renewable
4. Probation Period : 3 (Three Months)
5. Basic Salary : RM/USD/S$/B$/SR/UAED/BD/USD
  • Perfect attendance allowance:
  • Food allowance:
  • Other allowances:

6. Daily Working Hours : 8 (Eight) hours
7. Overtime : The employee is required to do overtime when ever called upon by the employer. The overtime claim is based on the employer's country labour law.
8. Weekly working days : Monday to Saturday or existing practice
9. Rest day : Sunday / Friday
10. Leave & Holiday : As per Employment Act of the host country
11. Food : On Employee's own account
12. Accommodation : Provided free by the employer
13. Insurance Coverage : Provided free by the employer under foreign workers compensation scheme
14. Medical Benefit : Provided by the employer
15. Air Passage : Air Ticket from Bangladesh to employer's country will be provided by the employee and return air ticket will be provided by the employer after completion of contracted period
16. Other terms : As per Labour Law of the host country or company's present practice.

Thank you
Sincerely Yours